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#1 Shane Lavell

Shane Lavell

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Posted 30 July 2007 - 01:26 AM

Matt DeCanio's summary of facts fromthe first 30 pages of the new book from Daivd Walsh called- From Lance to Landis-Inside the AMerican Doping Controvesy at the Tour De France.

1. Bernard Sainz worked with Bernard Hinault was the first "doctor" to work with Rene Wenzel as a racer who would later coach the USA Cycling junior cycling team and the Saturn Pro Team. "There were tablets we had to take one or two hours before the race, different ones for different races. I have no doubt that the S**t I was given was probably what made me sick. I didn't think of it in terms of doping, but later on yes. We had a bunch of tablets, one or two ampoules of liquid, and enough syringes to cover the doses outlined. There was also a substance that we were to take, one drop each day placed under the tongue."-Rene Wenzel

2. Jiri Mainus coaching director for the United States Cycling Federation asked Wenzel if he would be interested in a coaching position.

3. Greg Strock went to the Washington Trust race in Spokane, Washington and spoke with Wenzel about his lack of form. Wenzel took him to the motel room of fellow USCF coach Chris Carmichael. Carmichael inserted the needle into the ampoule, drew some liquid, and injected Strock in the upper part of the buttocks. Strock says he was told the injection was "extract of cortisone".

4. Greg Strock after retiring from racing to become a doctor because of a loss of athletic ability he claims was from the injections of the "extract of cortisone" was pursuing his degree as a doctor. While in pharmacology class he was studying steroids, both anabolic steroids and corticosteroids, such as cortisone. "I remember saying, 'Oh, I wonder what the hell is extract of cortisone? I discovered that there was no such thing as an extract of cortisone. It is either cortisone or it is not.'-Greg Strock

5. Angus Fraser was paid by USA Cycling even though he had no medical training to take blood tests, supply medicines and vitamins, and providing injections. "At one point we were getting two or three injections a day."-Greg Strock

6. Angus Fraser was accused of supplying Australian track rider Martin Vinnicombe with illegal anabolic steroids and writing a letter to the rider advising him how to use steroids, how to sell them to other riders, and how to conceal doping from his coaches by saying the steroids were a mixture of legal vitamins.

7. Rene Wenzel received a phone call in 2000 at the Bermuda Grand Prix that he was being sued by Greg Strock. Matt DeCanio was there racing with Linda McCartney sitting with George Hincapie on a bench and witnessed Hincapie being apologetic towards Wenzel. Out of the 4 riders that Wenzel coached in the 1990 junior world championships in England George Hincapie was the only rider who not to file a lawsuit. Gerrik Latta, Greg Strock, and Erich Kaiter all filed a lawsuit.

8. Erich Kaiter detailed a regime that involved 42-48 injections over a 10-12 day period during the 1990 Junior World Championships

9. Erich Kaiter was later diagnosed with Crohn's disease which he believes was from the injections.

10. Greg Strock was diagnosed to have human parvovirus B19 infection which he believes was from the injections.

11. The appointments by Angus Fraser were approved by the United States Cycling Federation and payments made to the soigneur came from the governing body.

12. The United States Cycling Federation claims that Wenzel was fired due to downsizing but a statement from David Joyner, former chairman of the United States Olympic Sports Medicine Committee under oath, said he was told by Lisa Voight, former executive director of USA Cycling, that Wenzel was fired for doping junior athletes.

13. On November 15, 2001 Rene Wenzel received a letter of recommendation from the CEO of USA Cycling, Lisa Voight. In that letter she highly recommended Wenzel as a coach.

14. Jimi Killen's mother whose son was a national team racer called USA Cycling to complain that he had been injected without his parent's permission and the hiring of the unqualified Angus Fraser to "medically" prepare the cyclists.

15. Strock and Kaiter were each paid $250,000 by USA Cycling in November 2006, and agreed to a confidentiality agreement that prevented them from ever discussing the terms of the settlement.

16. Chris Carmichael was excluded from the lawsuit because of compensation in the amount believed to be $20,000.

17. Rene Wenzel was there when Charmichael gave the injection to Greg Strock. "I was present when it was administered. Carmichael agreed to a settlement very quickly. In hindsight that was probably a smart idea."-Rene Wenzel

18. Medical studies have concluded that this virus [human parvovirus B19] has an 85% correlation with testicular cancer.

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Posted 30 July 2007 - 08:25 AM

18. Medical studies have concluded that this virus [human parvovirus B19] has an 85% correlation with testicular cancer.

Interesting. It's hard to pin an illness down on a single event so it is still speculation though. A settlement for same does add an element of guilt. I wonder if there is a connection with Lance's Cancer.
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Posted 30 July 2007 - 08:51 AM

The question is: How clean "is" North American Cycling? Not: How clean "was" North American Cycling?

We all know the anser to the "was" question. As for the "is" question, the cheating is now isolated to a few dishonest athletes. Look at the under-23 cyclists to see what the sport "is", not what it "was".

Count me as one of those naive individuals who believes our sport has turned the corner and will rid itself of the remaining cheats and criminals. It is time for the CFL/NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, WWF (no, I do not believe the WWF is really a sport) and all other sports to put 1/2 the effort in to cleaning up athletics that the cycling community has been doing in recent years.

If we all continued to believe the present is no different from the past, the future would never change. And we all know the future always involves change.

#4 one.gear


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Posted 30 July 2007 - 08:57 AM

18. Medical studies have concluded that this virus [human parvovirus B19] has an 85% correlation with testicular cancer.

This is not actually true. The scientific literature does NOT support this.

For example...

As far as what mgrmgr says... I think you're right. Hopefully what we are seeing in the younger riders today will develop into a cleaner sport overall. This doping lunacy has got to end...

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